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Julian's First Movie

4y ago


Julian's First Movie - @ 5 years and 2 months old (3min 50sec) Julian's always loved filming with my cameras since he was around 2, so for his pre-school graduation this past weekend, we decided to buy him his very own camera. We chose the Olympus Tough TG-1. He can take photos and shoot 1080p video with it. Best part about this camera is it can be dropped over 6 feet, it's waterproof and all condition ready. And yes, of course, we bought the 3 year warranty:). It'll be exciting to see what he creates with his own camera. This is his first little movie, shot mostly from his point-of-view. If Julian wasn't filming, he asked us to hold the camera while we filmed him. Dad edited this one under his supervision, but the next step is for him to shoot and edit entirely by himself. Exciting times ahead! Featuring: Julian, Mom, Dad, little brother Sebastian, Aunt Sarah and a hairy little caterpillar Music: "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire