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julia fractal

julia fractal

JULIA | someone on the playground told me about this magical place

4y ago


realtime sound reactive 4d quaternion Julia fractal raytracing in GLSL. this is a capture of Julia dancing to Gluetooth by Hudson Mohawke, no post processing whatsoever (although already tested this via Syphon in VDMX effect chains, works like a charm). visuals written in GLSL. effects created using realtime ambient occlusion (had a little experience by faking realtime ao in blender3d a while ago, but Tom Beddard's implementation of ao'ing in GLSL, well all of his work, is smth to learn from), ambient light, specularity. 2^10 texture [ 1024 x 1024 px ] ( > 1 megapixel, more than HD video ) on MacBookPro 1GB GPU. audio stream data affects (direct representation and randomization triggers) background flicker, the color spread of the fractal surface, the blue channel of the surface color, iterations (depth), camera rotation, camera zoom. meanwhile camera rotation around x and y axis is affected by linear iterators and quaternion cx, cy, cz multiplications are affected by sine type LFOs. app set @30fps, vsync on. debugging some stills on flickr //-------------------- resources: Keenan Crane Peter Hofmann Tom Beddard Andreas Meisel John Tsiombikas //-------------------- hudson mohawke - gluetooth