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Juba is Jew IDF Sniper, shot 400 US Marines inside Greenzone ?

4y ago


Juba is an IDF sniper hunting US troops in Iraq using hi-tech Israeli wi-fi cams linked to HQ then uplinked to net in real time he had document +200 confirmed kills. M1 Abrams tanks are service by numerous Israeli mechanics like Rhambo in 1990 Gulf served in IDF. The motherboards are Israeli made just like Pres. Clinton's Downed AF2 Chopper killing all on board as Bill cancelled his trip. These motherboard trigger C4 explosive IED which are not so "improvised devices" but real hi-tech plastic explosive bombs. These perps have been caught and released by higher ups at checkpoints taking shots at our soldiers. Juba is a Network of Mossad & IDF, aka MEGA. Cue in the cheesy Arab music and you have some false flag Mossad fun and games