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The Joy of the Soul

4y ago


On 8 Nisan, 5769, an Arab terrorist with an axe killed Shlomo Nativ, a 13-year old boy in a small Jewish community in Gush Etzion. This film, made by the Nativ family, highlights one of the most unique and mysterious capacities of the Jewish Soul -- the capacity to turn the most awful tragedies into powerful wellsprings of vitality and joy. It makes no sense that something painful could be transformed into light. It defies understanding. But sometimes inner awareness of Divine unity that transcends life and death in the ordinary sense becomes manifest for all to see. This movie documents one of those occasions. · The boy was unusually spiritually gifted, a pure lamb born in the ancient Jewish hills · The father is a sage -- An outstanding Chabad Chassid, one of Rav Yitzchok Ginzburg's long-time students, a renowned psychologist, and the dean of a professional school of psychology that integrates Kabbalah and psychology. · The Community of Bat Ayin, though small in size, is well-known for its unique spiritual intensity, and we experience this event through its eyes. This film helps us experience a mystery beyond words that resides deep inside each one of us. In memory of Shlomo Nativ ● 8 Nisan 5769 Great thanks to the Nativ family and filmmaker Yosef Muskal for permission to present this film on and its youtube channel.