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Johnny Guitar Watson Live Germany 1980 Booty Ooty.mp4

2y ago


This clip was originally titled "in Paris" but I think that it is actually a German concert (listen @ 1.08 to hear the vocalist throwing in a German word presumably for the German audience ?) If anyone can correct me on this please do. Now back to the effervescent and truly great Johnny Guitar Watson........... Great performance with funky Johnny Guitar Watson showcasing & showing off his talents,driven along by a very tight band,with everyone having a ball in the process. Interestingly 3 highly respected & talented guitarists that I know all nominated without hesitation JGW as one of their favourite artists - the dude has Kudos - RIP Johnny "Guitar" Watson . This song gets better with repeated playing - so enjoy. If anyone can identify any of the band please post. Maybe Bernie Worrell on keys ? and the jolly giant on Bass funking out in his red boots -who is that guy ? I have no rights over the copyright or content & present this video for study & research purposes so that the world may chill out & learn how to have a Johnny Guitar Watson Good Time ! Now do that thang !