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Staff Picks

John Lutz, Bill Hader - The Front Desk: Triplets

2y ago


SUBSCRIBE to Above Average: "The Front Desk" 1: Triplets (Bill Hader of SNL) check in at The Front Desk. Share on FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: "The Front Desk - Season 1: Episode 1" Guest Starring Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) Starring John Lutz (30 Rock) When a triplet convention takes over the hotel, Christopher (John Lutz) has to deal with a set of very demanding triplets (Bill Hader, Bill Hader, Bill Hader). "The Front Desk" The Front Desk stars John Lutz (30 Rock) as the front desk clerk of a boutique hotel in New York City. New Episodes Every Monday Episode 1 Credits: PRODUCED BY Kevin Miller STARRING Bill Hader as Tim, Tom, Ted, Terrence John Lutz as Christopher