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John Kerry Chooses Jane Fonda as Assistant

2y ago


Democrat Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts was nominated by US President Barack Obama to serve as his next secretary of state. Not sure what happened to Hillary Clinton, must have snapped under Benghazi pressure or something. John Kerry has chosen Jane Fonda as his assistant. Should be a lot of hippie pot smoke going on. The Ketchup queen will be watching. Over the past few years Kerry has sponsored or co-sponsored several bills related to Israel. These bills include affirming Israel's right to exist and defend itself, committing the Senate to a lasting peace in the Middle East while condemning violence and terrorism and opposing the unilateral Palestinian bid in the UN. During Operation Pillar of Defense he supported a Senate resolution supporting Israel's right to self defense. I wouldn't get all mushy over Kerry, giving $900,000,000 to Palestinians in 2009. Kerry, who visited Syria in December 2006 along with fellow Democrat Sen. Christopher Dodd in spite of objections from the George W. Bush administration has always been in favor of engaging Assad in Middle East diplomacy. Nancy Pelosi ran there to Damascus to hang out with Assad the slaughterer the following year. Liberals are a strange bunch of beasts. Former President George W. Bush imposed unilateral sanctions on Syria in 2004. The Arab Spring came about during the Obama Administration; Muslim Brotherhood took hold of Egypt kicking Mubarak, a friend of Israel out of power. The slaughter in Syria by Assad while the rebels there are full of al Qaeda who are lusting at getting their hands on those chemical weapons. The West needs to secure the WMD. Tribes fighting tribes but the Islamic Extremists have the goal of wiping out Israel for Palestine and 138 countries in the United Nations are pleased to help with the Sharia Law caliphate. Iran is a big enemy with nuclear ambitions while Pakistan is a nuclear state totally unstable while harboring Jihadists like the late Osama Bin Ladin and present al Qaeda Leader al Zawahiri who came from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. June, 2004. President George W Bush condemned the beheading of Paul Johnson who worked in Saudi Arabia, saying it shows the evil nature of the enemy we face, They killed him in cold blood They're trying to intimidate America. They're trying to shake our will. They're trying to make us retreat from the world. Head of al-Qaeda in the country, Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin, had been killed by Saudi security forces. Muqrin and two other militants died in a shootout in Riyadh's al-Malaz district following discoveries at the house where Mr. Johnson's body was found. The militant had claimed to be involved in the beheading of Mr. Johnson, and in the killing of other westerners based in Saudi Arabia. Islamist clerics and liberals throughout the world blamed President Bush and not their follower's for Paul Johnson's beheading. Militant Islamists wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about the religion of peace. I created the music using FL Studio editing.