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John Bonham quick solo 1973 (correct speed)

4y ago


Short clip of Bonham's drumming abilities at the end of Dazed & Confused, taken from the dvd The Song Remains The Same. Earlier versions of this dvd (like the one with the guitar on the cover) did not have the correct speed, infact it wasn't untill 2007 that a dvd with the correct speed/pitch was released. This clip is from that 2007 dvd (black cover with drawings from scenes in the film). The clip has already been posted on YouTube in it's earlier form, and has sparked a lot of comments about it being/not being sped up. Since I hate seing fellow fans of the great Bonham fighting, I thought I would try to put an end to it :) The difference between this and the earlier video is in fact so tiny ( yeah, he was THAT good), that you might have to watch the videos side by side to see it. For more info on these differences between audio/video/speed/pitch, I recommend this site: