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royal variety performance

royal variety performance

John Barrowman - singing "Heaven" Music Video

4y ago


A Jack x Jack Torchwood video, with John Barrowman singing "Heaven", just as he did on "Tonight's The Night" on Saturday 9th May 2009. Story: It's 1943 when homosexual identity was taboo. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), who hated social conventions, went with his girlfriend (their relationship was only for show) to a war party where all the Naval Officers have gathered together before they're called away to duty. At the party, Captain Jack sees Captain Jak from a distance and says to his cover-up girlfriend, Toshiko, that he's interested in Jak. Toshiko, who didn't mind the fact John was homosexual, said "why don't you go talk?". Eventually, Captain Jak notices him of his own accord and approaches him. He mentions the rumour of him being homosexual. This angered Jack. He turns around to discover him teasing/flirting, and they 'click'. Throughout the evening, they bump into each other, but subtlely so they can talk and flirt without being worried about what others were thinking. Eventually, Captain Jak decides to 'go for it' and pulls Jack onto the dance floor. *heartwarming moment*. Suddenly, a bomb explodes outside, crushing the wall. Toshiko tells Jack to come with her and get out of the rubble, and Jak forces him to go, leaving him behind. All of the flash forwards (in colour) are Captain Jack performing through the pain. WARNING: This is a slash video, but tame. Please don't flag! Disclaimer: I own none of the footage in this video. Footage: TORCHWOOD - Series One Royal Variety Performance 2006 - "Feelin' Good"