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Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief June 7 2012 With Stan Monteith

4y ago


Joel and Stan talk about Bilderberg 2012, Webster Tarpley, the 2012 election (Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul), and more. From RON PAUL CONCEDES RACE FOR PRESIDENT On Thursday, Ron Paul, the last of the presidential candidates still competing with Mitt Romney, conceded to supporters that he was far short of the number of delegates needed to capture the GOP nomination. It is the long-awaited but sad admission that Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee. He noted in a speech at the Texas GOP convention hat he had far exceeded expectations and would arrive at the national convention in Tampa with far more delegates than others give him credit for—about 20%; but it was not enough. Ron Paul's influence will continue to transcend this final defeat in his noble political career. This week, I discuss what this means for the future of the liberty movement.