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Staff Picks

JLeatha - Michael Jackson Tribute Artist - (Apollo) DESTINY PLAZA

4y ago


This is Jleatha who is a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist Did this performance for DESTINY PLAZA... HE WAS THE FEATURED ARTIST/PERFORMER AND WOW JLEATHA REALLY ADVANCED IN HIS MOVES AND SKILLS !!!! This was a talent show The Apollo and was an Absolute Blast !!!! Hosting Reggie "Smooth as Butta Brown" Brought together by Thomas. Very well put together... Great Show and Packed House !!!!! JLeatha - (FEATURED PERFORMER) 5/19/2012 He Choreographed the entire performance, Produced it and It truly shows that Michael Jackson was thru Jleatha... His Passion for Dance and Music and MJ is truly a sight to see.... I am soo glad that Angel and I went. ALL VIDEOS TAKEN BY AMY BURLINGAME