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the devil

the devil

JJ - High Summer

1y ago


High Summer by JJ Lyrics : See me in your city, looking pretty, yeah I'm shining dog With my fresh Air Ones and my dog G is black and white, fuck segregation   We won't change by the change, or the game, or the fame When we came in the game we made our own lane. Fuckin' insane, the fuck I'm I saying? Not only am I fly, I'm fuckin' not playing   Now winter's gone, summer's here and we on. I can tell you what's good and I can tell you that We up and I'm looking in the mirror, oh I look fly. I'm a beast with my dog You're so cute with your problems, see me in the street, you know we gonna solve them. And I see girls in their summer clothes, I see boys chasing those I see both at my shows Baby lets go On our way to tonights show, riding in that volvo. Yeah I mean I'm rollin' up another spliff, so what? So roll down the window, let them haters know Baby let the wind blow and let them know. I'm a nice girl with some nice dreams In my own world, with my own team. Come with me and my million dollar thoughts Here you go My world is Sincerely Yours. Imma tell you like a friend told me We rule everything around me We be everything you could be You be everything we could be. Don't worry, see, we don't hurry no We be fresh as fuck when they bury thee When they bury thee The ground shall break when they bury me And I know one day they gonna bury me Better lock my casket tight baby So I don't let the devil in when you bury me. Facebook : : Some songs have a soul, I guess