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Jimmy McMillan: "The Deficit Is Too Damn High" - Oklahoma GOP Convention - 5/12/2012

4y ago


Jimmy McMillan (Rent is too damn high man) spoke at Oklahoma GOP state convention about the National deficit. His short speech was: "The Deficit is Too Damn High". He got a loud cheerful applause from the audience. McMillan was introduced to the Oklahoma GOP state delegation by Mark Costello who is Oklahoma state labor commissioner. It appeared as though by McMillan was popular, he was brought in as a "calling card" by Costello to help generate interest in Costello's special project to get a contested state GOP platform adopted at this convention. People at this convention were allowed to pose for photo ops w/ McMillan in front of Costello's sign/booth located in the convention hallway. And the photos were free. I got mine in the mail few weeks later. I thought this was an ingenious, brilliant & very creative idea of Costello. After all, Costello got his proposal passed a few hours later. McMillan is also a registered republican (formerly democrat) and is considered to be a perennial candidate for President 2012, but was unable to get any primary ballot. He's a Vietnam veteran & former postal worker. He became famous as the founder of the "Rent is too high" party. This was videoed on May 12, 2012 at the Oklahoma GOP state convention that was held at the Embassy Suites (convention hall) located in Norman, Oklahoma.