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carrie ann inaba

carrie ann inaba


4y ago


In Living Color (TV Series 1990--1994) In Living Color" was a training ground and launching pad for many young people, and with good reason - it was a terrific show. Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Ann Inaba, Rosie Perez, Chris Rock, Molly Shannon, Alexandra Wentworth, Kelly Coffield, not to mention the Wayans family, all had early starts here. Most of the people who participated in this show are still working as actors, writers, directors, and/or producers. "In Living Color" was a series of skits with no boundaries. How could there be, with a restaurant called Chez Whitey, a physically challenged superhero, Handiman, and two gay reviewers, Blane Edwards (Damon Wayans) and Anton Merriwether (David Alan Grier) who covered film, TV, and vacations where they kept returning to Greece. There was absolutely nothing sacred, including Martin Luther King Day and bonfires on black people's lawns in Arizona. Hands down, my favorite characters were Homey the Clown ("Homey don't play dat") and Anton and Blane as reviewers (who were disappointed in "Die Hard" because the title suggested a love story). The episode where Blane is hit on the head and becomes straight was hilarious. Kelly Coffield did the old film heroines a la Bette Davis beautifully. And Jim Carrey showed the brilliance that would make a film star.