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john fitzgerald

john fitzgerald

JFK Speech(Happy Trance Mix)

4y ago


John Fitzgerald Kennedy made a speech to the press asking them to warn us of a conspiracy that is out to enslave us. This economic situation is nothing more than another part of that very same conspiracy he warned of us more than forty years ago. When someone goes against their plans they are murdered, JFK was the most powerful man in the world and he was shot down in cold blood, in public. So what makes people believe that the likes of Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and David Icke; to name but a few, are going to be able to preach about their plans and write books and make documentaries about it. It's time to lift the veil and see the world for what it is my friends. Yes David Icke and the likes say some very good stuff and tell some truth, they need to. For how are we to believe them if it doesnt sound real, a good con man does just that, makes what they are selling sound good, for how will we buy it if it doesnt. So what they do is mislead us with nicely polished lies mixed in m=with some truths. But the fact of the matter is there is no new level of consciousness, awaiting mad kind. Mankind has been lead to think as we do, but we are inherently a good species, and the Illuminati want to take us away from our true nature in order to control us, for we are strong, moral independent humans as it stands, and they do not want this. They are using New Age religion and beliefs to bamboozle us into their easy controlled game. They say if you think differently now you are ostracized and alienated from society, but what they offer, their new age crap, will do and does the same. For is you do think like them and do as they do you are considered a sheep. Their old system has served them well, but their new system will serve them better as it takes away mans moral fibre and his ability to think for himself even less. Dont believe me? The New Agers think we should all have what we want, when we want it. But this should not be the case. We as humans should realise that we do not need half the crap or gadgets in our life and therefore should learn to discipline ourselves. We shouldnt need police or armies to enforce any form of discipline, no, we should be educated and let commonsense be the order of the day. Take Christianity, the matter of if Jesus Christ being real is not important, his or the teachings and beliefs are. Do unto other, respect and honour, these are important. So please stop listening to people like Jordan Maxwell, Movies like Zeitgeist for the answers. We already have the answers in us regardless of our faith. Love & Hope =Hisshadyness