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black and white

black and white

Jews In Brooklyn

4y ago


My first song, enjoy :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED LYRICS: Jews in Brooklyn black and white me and drake drinking sprite lighting up friday night don't like it fly a kite wrap it up rapping tight mess with me king davids might call me a dog expect a bite is it so is this quite whats the order? gefilte fish what is that? is that the ish? i bite my tongue get a lisp control the world game of risk circumcision just a tip? you hate me don't give me lip jews in egypt making bricks but love the hate gives me kicks we're jersey jews pauly j not kosher no fish fillet like an arab but the other side if you call me one i'll let it slide hard knock life jay z style eminem walk eight mile what you driving? mini van eating pickles from a can or a jar open door so many kids getting sore clearance sales jew galore rabbi's speech what a bore dropping coins think its funny drop the eggs call the bunnies purple drink kedem wine manishevitzs all the time only one night while we have eight getting married shidduch date florida thats our bait turned thirteen now find a mate oh my beard heavens sake chulent cooked challah baked double kitchen meat and milk jewish mother so much guilt jewish father disappoint no pork for me not an oink black hat my head mamish from didn't see my wife yet I'm the groom terrorize me pass you over have some fish our four leaf clover cover my head use a beanie here now now gone houdini real estate sign the deed mistake saving for selfish greed eating cheese but no burger free food go no further jewish king i have a dream seven fat cows seven lean i have no clue what it means figure it must be the chulent beans you have founding fathers mine came in three jews get out classic decree purim night getting plastered jewish slaves getting mastered jew so hard kosher salami part italian pass pastrami date non jews momma forbid fornicate no jewish kid diamond stores cost a lot tied to jews eternal knot getting hungry get a bagel italian jews throw on basil but the rest throw on lox wrap it up jew in box ancient way call me amish but don't care staying mamish *what does it mean* your biggest nightmare like in-laws I'm on the hunt call me jaws a pointless bother like a tonsil just a game give me a console rap so graceful with finesse control yourself don't obsess teaneck jew never sin but nothing like jews in brooklyn