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Jeѕυѕ' Lιғε § тнε вιвlε мιnιѕεrιεѕ (нιѕтory cнannεl)

3y ago


Music video of Jesus' life to clips from The Bible miniseries. Download this video: I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. (John 11:25-26) Hey all!! Happy Resurrection Day, and happy Good Friday. While everyday it's important to celebrate the love and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, this season especially let us joy in the fact that 2000+ years ago, God became man, laid down His life for sinful mankind, and saved us from the wrath of God. The Lord is my blessed hope and beautiful Savior. May I love Him and cherish Him as He so loved me. Gotta say, the History Channel's The Bible has grabbed me like no other Biblical film interpretation. I haven't seen all the Bible movies out there, but I can tell this one is Quality with a capital Q, as in literary elements, complex emotions, and fairly literal interpretation of the Bible stories. The details are amazing, and the acting is phenomenal. (The villains are just PERFECT too) I've seen the last episode that's airing this Sunday, so I know for a fact that it's a tear-jerker. And I'm not one for crying (except when characters talk about the fundamental truths and morals-- i.e., most of the episode LOL). For those of you who haven't seen it yet, bring your tissues. You're gonna need 'em. ;) The sheer beauty just hits my heart. I've included a liberal dose of the finale episode into this vid, so be warned! The ending includes scenes with Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Paul, and Ananias, and a few shots of Stephen, John, Thomas, and Cornelius. A couple notes on interpretation in this vid. I've loved this song since I first heard it. It's really about a Christian's struggle in his life, but in this vid, I kind of made it from Jesus' point-of-view (at the beginning especially). I think it works since He is equally human, as well as equally God. (I think Diogo Morgado, who plays Jesus here, did a good job of showing that complexity.) The one section from 1:21-1:34 I'd like to explain, since for some reason I want to, haha. So basically this is a scene from Jesus' temptation by Satan. The "silver lining" (from the lyrics) for Jesus in choosing the 'hard way' (i.e., the cross as opposed to the world's kingdom's crown) is the cross, which for God and man means the rending of the curtain between His holiness and our sinfulness, as represented by the Temple's curtain to the Holy of Holies being torn in two. (The History Channel didn't exactly rend the curtain, only had it fall in the earthquake. Doctrinal hints fail.) Also, the meaning behind the 3:00-3:07 overlay is how Jesus is with us through all our tribulations (the background material shows the disciple's persecution for preaching His name). It's been awesome to edit a video to Biblical material, though!! :D I was supposed to have been doing my social obligations today, but (that didn't happen) I was so excited to start editing this, I spent all day on doing it on my now-glitchless Premiere Pro. (woot!) Thanks to WhispertheWolf for telling me how to do an opacity flash. I love Jesus as played here, and one of my favorite scenes in the whole series is 0:33, where Judas kisses Jesus. There's so much complexity and depth in that scene. Wow. And that opening VO with John the Baptist's quote dramatized, one of my favorites! So have a glorious Easter Sunday! My sister wanted to say something too :D R: After watching this so many times, I just gotta say -- Jesus is awesome!!!!! I've never felt this way before, and I just love what He does and how He acts and His deep feeling and turmoil in His soul. When He was tempted, when Judas kissed Him -- awww man, it's hard to describe it. I love how they showed Him touching Judas, with that indescribable look on His face, like so many things were running through His mind all at once. He truly cared about Judas --...