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Staff Picks

Jenn Dancing w/Eddie Morales

4y ago


I had the chance to with this amazing guy here is his Bio Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY, Puerto Rican Eddie Morales never knew he would one day be paid to travel internationally alongside some of the world's most iconic music superstars. Morales' humble beginnings nurtured his fighter mentality to be the best, amongst the best. The journey to dance with the best was not an easy one for this now internationally sought after dancer and choreographer. During his high school years, Morales would sneak out to underground clubs after school, dance all night until the early dawn, and then sneak back home to get ready for school. In 1995, while living in Brooklyn, Morales was involved in a hit and run bus accident which left him fighting to walk. During his recuperation, Morales became inspired to dance professionally when he saw Janet Jackson's "IF" music video. He began his incredible recovery with his own regiment of dancing for rehabilitation. Once he was back on his feet again, Morales caught the eye of Mary J. Blige who personally invited him to join her "Share My World" tour. Since then, Morales has toured the world with international superstars including Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Usher, Whitney Houston, Boys II Men, Diddy, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Big Pun and super producer Timbaland. Morales has also been featured in many memorable music videos such as Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You" and Gwen Stefani's "Holler Back Girl." In addition to touring and being on-screen, since 2002 Morales has remained a fixture of international award shows, dancing at such renowned premiere events including the Grammy Awards, MTV's Video Music Awards, the American Music Awards, the World Music Awards and the Asia Music Awards, to name a few. In addition to establishing himself in the professional dancing sub-culture of the entertainment industry, Morales has also made a name for himself as a consultant to some of the most influential tastemakers within the entertainment industry. Morales states, "labels, artists and producers have all come to me, asking for my opinion on the musical and visual aspects of various projects. I am asked for my opinion on projects when they are in the development stage, long before the final vision is released." A true international cultural ambassador, Morales has remained actively involved with German based company "Who Got Skillz" since 2007, assisting in delivering the best dancers from the U.S. to the most remote regions of several countries. Morales has played an instrumental role hosting and producing instructional dance events in Germany, Australia, Russia, Japan, the Czech Republic, Korea, Dubai, Prague, Paris and also in his current home of Los Angeles, CA. Transitioning his career from dancer to choreographer, in the latter months of 2006, Morales was honored with a request from Justin Timberlake. In preparation for the impending two-year international tour to promote Timberlake's now multi-platinum album, "Future Sex / Love Sounds," Timberlake requested Morales to choreograph a number to the hit song, "Summer Love." Since then Morales has put his dance experience to work on a new level... choreographing for numerous artists including, most recently, Mariah Carey. Driven and energized to leave his unique mark on this ever-changing entertainment industry, Morales' latest endeavor involves raising funds and sharing his knowledge with students of the soon-to-be opened MPACT performing arts center in Los Angeles, CA. "I am truly am citizen of the world, having traveled the globe doing what I love. With MPACT, and with every step in my future, I strive to continue to be inspired by the power of dance." He is definitely and inspiration to me