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taxi driver

taxi driver

Jedward - Luminous Fan Video

4y ago


I don't know why it came out weird :'( so sorry for the bad quality Subscribe to JedwardTV! Follow @planetjedward on twitter :) we love you John and Edward! Here's all the lovely people that were in this video: @Scarled_Red_Pustel, @romanamaus, @KatGirl1994, @RealJuliia, @lilojedward, @MelissaModl, @Jed_hiccup, @kirluvjed, @MandinaM, @mayjedward @Miss_OMJ_Jed, @MikkxJepic18, @KittySpitfire, @Anniina95, @KatieLoWilliams, @its_eppie, @CarolinaJedward, @Sabi288, @Official_Rena, @MandyQUIFField, @planetjamantha, @bastienn_, random taxi driver dude, @soxpatch's son Xander and me @kerrycupcake :) Massive thanks to @PiKATIEchu, @lou_jedward, @playthevictim and @distortion_ as well xox I don't own the music