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2y ago


Performing for Kona, @Rockstarz and Hilo, @Karma on da Big Island, Sponsored by Big Shotz Productions ( Lipstick Rebels (Shop Online at and Tile Craft Inc.! Trackbaby Records (With videos, beats, recording, music, all of that, and V.Valdez ( and the whole Big Island Hip Hop Scene! We Brought the fuckin party wit dis ish, performed "Whatcha Doin" off my album "IDGAF" (, be on the lookout for the music video comin soon! The crowd at both Karma and Rockstarz were up and ready to see what we were about. People r always shocked wit our presence but once we started, there were people throwin their hands up, screamin throughout the whole song, trumps jumpin in front, tonic shots throwin his middle finger up, there were women in the audience lookin at me ways I have never been looked at before, but it was just a reminder of how many people have forgotten what fun is, what talent it, what it is to be free. That's all we were on stage, free. And when they up and dancing to it....that was our goal in the beginning. Thank ya'll 4 all the support and love...We remember every day how blessed We are to be where We are and who we are. There are people all around the world struggling every day for food, family, success...I do dis harder because of that. Cuz the ppl who arent capable of movin, we will move 4 you, and ppl who arent capable of speakin up, those poor unfortunate souls out there, we speakin up 4 u. your story is ours, ours is yours. Check out Pix and Music at WWW.JAZIMUSIC.COM and Instagram: JAZIHI Thank you to all the supporters! Keep up with us and our music Twitter: @JAZIHI and DL IDGAF! #LITTLEGIRLBIGDREAMS DL MY DEBUT ALBUM "I.D.G.A.F." WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/JAZI-IDGAF Love to Hawaii Hip Hop! 808 state! -JAZi Yo I had mad fun both nights performing at Big Island! To be honest, although I was so nervous performing in front of a lot of people, I was more excited to hype the crowd up, and that's exactly what our performance of "Whatcha Doin" did for ya'll. This song had my blood pumpin' and had me so hyped up! I'm so glad that we hit ya'll real hard wit this song, pumpin' err body up and shit. We appreciate the support soo much! Much love ya'll to the 808 state and Hawaii Hip Hop! Follow me on twitter: @vdotvaldez Instagram: vdotvaldez --vdot