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his grace

his grace

Jayananda Rests in Mayapur (from BhakTV)

4y ago


A film by Vasudeva Das The evening of June 3rd 2012, our first saint of ISKCON, His Grace Jayananda Prabhu was honored with the establishment of a memorial in his name, in the courtyard of the ISKCON Jagannath Temple just outside of Mayapur. Jayananda Prabhu was an exemplary and fully dedicated devotee of Srila Prabhupada's movement while he was physically present in this world, and it is naturally understood that his service goes on in the spiritual world. Meanwhile, many generations of devotees will continue to be inspired by his example. The program was sweet and simple, as you can now see in Vasudeva Das's fully edited and narrated video (eight minutes). The first function was a fire yajna to establish the samadhi, followed by heartfelt eulogies from various senior devotees, including Baskara prabhu, a personal co-worker of Jayananda's during the 1976 New York Rathayatra. Speakers expressed the immense inspiration that Jayananda Prabhu had been to all devotees of their time, and his unflinching services to Prabhupada's mission. Following the talks was the official opening of the Samadhi, revealing inside a beautiful picture of Jayananda Prabhu. A priceless relic is showcased under the framed photo - the very jacket Jayananda wore on the famous picture of him steering a huge New York chariot. Many fragrant garlands were ceremoniously offered around this second framed picture. Devotees then brought a large plate of Maha-Prasadam from Lord Jagannath's altar to Jayananda, whose healthy appetite for the Lord's remnants was well known. Finally, "Puspanjali" was performed, where flower petals are thrown by each participant collectively and lovingly at a great saint. His Grace Jayananda Thakur...Ki Jaya !