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Staff Picks

Watch Jay Hieron sit in an ice bath and struggle to answer our questions

4y ago


The MMA media wishes it had the brains of LayzieTheSavage. You want a hard hitting, straight to the point interview without the usual 'this is the best shape I've ever been in' type of answer - you give LayzieTheMotherFlippinSavage a Canon 7D and an ice bath and gold comes out the faucet when you're draining it after you're done. Case and point: in the first episode of Ice Bath Escapades, Layzie asked Mike Pyle what he thought of his opponent, Josh Neer. Pyle's response? '**** Josh Neer.' In the second episode Layzie asks Jay Hieron what he knows about Shark Fights and Legacy FC vet Mikel Bronzoulis. Hieron's answer? '**** him, rawr!' The ice bath is a truth serum of sorts. For all we know the Germans were developing ice tub technology in WW2 to extract intel from enemy soldiers. The ice bath provides a fascinating look into the souls and beyond of these fighters, these men...These human beings. Please, watch Jay Hieron struggle to answer our questions in Ice Bath Escapades.