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the dance

the dance

Jawani Panjab Di (EP) - Immortal Productions Prabh Gill Kaos Productions Highflyers Saint Soldier..

2y ago


Releasing 12th July 2012 A killer is stalking the land of Panjab. He destroys homes, lives, dreams and futures. He seduces his prey, becoming irresistable, he becomes their best friend their only support whilst secretly destroying them from the inside. Men, women, children and the elderly, all are targets for the killer, none is spared. This killer is not a stranger. This killer is invited into our homes on celebrations, but remains long after the festivities have finished. Like a disease he infects one member of the home and then the next, on and on until whole generations have succumbed to the terror he inflicts. He tricks his victims into believing that they can control him, that they can enjoy his company and not become yet another tragic tale. Some even boast of dancing with this devil, the greater the dance the bigger the man they claim, but they don't see his smile as their bodies and brains rot day by day. The killer is Intoxication and his victims bodies litter the gutters and derelict buildings across Panjab. Our children chew paan and drugs on the way to school while fathers drink themselves senseless before beating their wives. Daughters in colleges sell their innocence in fields and dormotories just so that they can afford the next high, their mothers at home abusing phamacutical products because of 'back pain'. All this whilst the Panjabi Gubaru's sit around sharing dirty needles and catching HIV so that they can go home and spread it to their wives and children. The killer has free reign in Panjab, who will save us? The government opens more and more liqour venders, profiteering from the tax revenues and distributing free alcohol and pharmacy vouchers at election times to further destroy our senses and buy our votes. Do not expect them to save you from the killer. Our people in Panjab ignore the problem until they have to identify their sons body after he's died from an overdose of opium. Too late. And all the time we sing 'Mera Rangala Panjab oh mera rangala Panjab' ... Which rangala Panjab are we singing about? The one from our memories or the present Panjab where the used heroin syringes colour the land? These tracks have been produced to bring home some painful realities. Panjab is drowning in alcohol and our families are dying of drug abuse right on front of our eyes. We can't continue to deny facts, we can't pretend this isn't happening and we must be part of the solution. These tracks will not solve the problems, but we hope they will help you see the truth and that from this awareness, we as a community can work together to save ourselves. Please listen and encourage your friends and family in both Panjab and the West to understand the threat we face. Try and get involved in the solution but if you can't help, then at the very least please do not be the problem. We've already lost too many brothers and sisters to this killer. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale: Nashe Shadoh, Bani Paroh, Amrit Shakoh. (Give up intoxicants, read Gurbani, take Amrit) Immortal Productions presents "Jawani Panjab Di". Track 1 Title: Jawani Panjab Di Vocals: Prabh Gill Lyrics: Ranbir Singh Jagatpuri Music : Kaos Productions Track 2 Title: Nashe Vocals & lyrics: Pritpal Singh Bains Dhadi Jatha Music : Highflyers Track 3 Title: Son of the Sword Swinging Saints Vocals & lyrics: Saint Soldier Music : Happy D Production Translations: Tajinder Kaur Immortal Productions Release Date: 12/07/2012 Video footage taken from "Glut - The Untold Story of Punjab", "Express Punjab", "Best Day Ever" Available on iTunes. All proceeds from the single go to United Sikhs to help with the Rescue a Family and DEEVA: Drugs Eradication through Education, Vigilance and Awareness projects. For more information about the projects visit the links below -