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the clutch

the clutch

Jarrad Klingberg // ADGP Rnd 2

4y ago


Jarrad Klingberg drifts his way through Calder Park Raceway for the second round of the Australian Drifting GP 2012 With a clutch fused to the flywheel but it wasn't easy though, on the day of practice and qualifying the gearbox was dropped and the clutch fixed. but as this took hours, the dude only had about 5 laps practice on a track he'd never driven and still managed to qualify 10th! finishing in the top 8 due to an early battle against Fink in the wet where Finks car had Superior grip... but an as always gallant effort by the Klingberg crew! Tune: Yolanda be cool - Le Bump Camera: D5100 18-55 55-18 Cut With: FCPX MB