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Staff Picks

James Hunnicutt and the Revolvers - 'Hybrid Moments' (Live at KSUB Seattle)

3y ago


This is a live video of Danzig's 'Hybrid Moments' performed by James Hunnicutt and the Revolvers for KSUB-- Seattle University's radio station KSUB Seattle 4-19-07 on the Missantropy's Retro Radio Land program. Not only does this video feature Seattle's #1 rockabilly artist, James Hunnicutt (and his backing band the Revolvers), but this footage almost never saw the light of day ... until now, that is! This forgotten performance of Jamesabilly and his backing band, the Revolvers, was actually shot in 2008 -- four years ago -- before we lost James to Texas, where everything is bigger. Video was shot by Rob L, Dean P and Lauren B who were working for the radio station at the time, the video was mysteriously kept underground until I heard about Jamesabilly's brand new, limited edition DVD release in August 2012 when I decided to try my hand at a new video editing program and combine footage from the two cameras. When the in-demand Jamesabilly moved to Texas a few years back, playing with the likes of acts such as Wayne "The Train" Hancock, the Emerald City kept calling out to his, beckoning for his return. After touring the country, Jamesabilly is back with a vengeance and his new limited-edition DVD documents his fabulous musical adventures in better detail than I could in a few minutes time. Diggin' these olde country hits? Visit Jamesabilly and his band on the web and tell him how much you love 'em. Show your support for James Hunnicutt on Facebook: See more on Jamesabilly and his music: