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J Terrel - Eyes On Me Ft. Algee w/ Lyrics

4y ago


New song off my upcoming MIXTAPE FRESHMAN YEAR!!!!!! DOWNLOAD HERE Eyes On Me (Lyrics) Verse 1: You say back down? Man I say I'm back now/y'all trynna keep it smooth homie watch me crack it down/ speedin through all the towns/ steady aiming for the crown/ why y'all trynna make it up homie yeah I shut it down/ I kill it like I'm suppose to/ mix it up pro tools/ Around the world in 80 seconds boy I swear you local/ clearing up my vocals cause brother you getting spoke to/ don't mean to sound conceited but they eating up my records soul food/ Moving forward boy I swear y'all in that playback I'm a new act boy I had to get my play back/ Bobbin on these suckers like I'm sledding tracks/ and leave y'all with nothing to say oh yeah I credit jack/ I'm raw, I'm better than them all/ this is my season homie I will never fall/ So laugh if you wanna, talk trash if you wanna, all you see is me watch me beat it like a drummer Eyes on Me 6x Man I'm seeing what yall don't homie eyes on me