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the 5th

the 5th

J. ManifestO - Wake Up (Official Video)

1y ago


J. ManifestO - Wake Up (prod. by Pat Streater) Lyrics: (CHORUS) Wake up, Wake up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake up Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up (2x) (Verse 1) I woke up early on my born day, I'm 23. Jordan on 'em, even if I'm cordial, I'm am likely to abort 'em, like an child un-wanted. On this earth, you've got few choices. If you live, you gotta work. Either way you gon' die So till then, I'm on a high. No substance abuse is necessary. I am on a permanent, y'all visit here is temporary. Permanent hiatus. I'm so careless. Y'all put so much energy Into things where there's discrepancy, between you and your calling, with no means to an end. I'm seeing this again and again among friends. They say I changed on 'em. Switched the name on 'em. New direction with the flow. Yeah, I switched a lane on 'em. Let me introduce myself, If you don't know me well. Joey from the 5th floor, standing 5'12 never seen a cell never seen a sale y'all are third eye blind so y'all never see the braille If you read between the lines it's set up for to fail So I keep myself in line Before I kick the pail (huuh) (CHORUS) (Bridge) My heart goes out to the kids with nothing better to do And the parents that grew up with nothing better to do I ain't gon' preach about what I think is better for you But on the real, it's no excuse You can do better my dude (Verse 2) See, I was neglecting school I was neglecting tools but I was lucky enough to not get caught out with fools My friends can relate My head was on straight between Ma and church I, was scared straight As a young'n I wondered what it was like out there My homies up the block said it ain't nothin' out there Other than friends, it ain't nothing to miss out there My basketball Jones helped me skip whats out there But there's dudes we knew that got caught out there Police came through, they got caught out there Some of them was even in a morgue somewhere Sometimes I wonder what if I had gone out there (CHORUS) see more from J. ManifestO here: ©J. ManifestO 2012 (ascap)