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J. Gifted HAY Online In-House Graphic Design Director Ad and HAY Online Brief Intro

4y ago


J.Gifted is a talented Haitian American that has many books written, art work collection, poems, and so much more in talent. She really is a genius even by IQ stats. She is one of the many Haitian American's we present. She is a woman of God who is always mentoring the youth and there for all her friends. She is an Alumni of FAU, SISTUH's community leadership member, she is Director in Graphics Design for Haitian American Youth Online, Inc and a managed talent under said brand. She is why HAY Online looks so great graphically. We want to show the World all Haitian childrens talents not just the well affiliated. So if you are not getting the help you need to flourish, look no further and come to HAY Online where if we cannot help, believe me we will do all in our power to guide you to the right source for the most optimal information. Haitian American Youth Online, Inc (HAY Online) was started to make the road to success for the Haitian American youth a little easier. We want to step away from the common current culture of cronyism and help all with in and outside the community better be served and serve our community. Being of Haitian descent and born of the sect of Haitian immigrants who made up the eighty percent not able to go to school, we know all to well through their stories and our own eperiences the singleing out, lack of community support, and many obstacles that stifle Haitian American entrepreneurs, talents and college bound children. We are that child that did not get that push to go to college. Whether it was a mother working two jobs and hesitant to put her SS # on a college financial aid papers. While said college bound hopeful wanting to go is under legal age and not emancipated, so they sit out and do not go. This child now an adult has to hear from others, "ou poko fin a lecol?"[translalation: "Your not finish with school?] This hurts many and we hear all to often among our Haitian American counterparts this same story. Not every child has a parent who has the time to learn that their ways are actually hurting their first born. Then to see by the error of their ways with the first born, they are not the same block they for them with their younger siblings. This may sound like a pitty party. But imagine, the same way they did not know their actions would limit their first born is also telling of why that child just lets it be most of the time and just enter the work force til of age to go to school under their own SS#. Or the young girl or boy being physically and sexually abused. We hear this all to often yet do not hear or see many NGO's tackiling the social issues going on. If they are out there you have to search like a needle in a hay stack online to find someone that can help. on top of that help that understands the difficult culture to better tackle the issues. Or the young entrepreneur who seeks their communities support and yet gest told, "Not interested." We at HAY Online have been there in many ways, currently in the past or another and we are banding together with all organizations and business to stop the lack of support. We aim to shed light on these stifling obstacles that do not make for the strengthening our community needs to get to the next level. HAY Online is not hear to compete nor copy anyone else. We may be imitated and all fine because we want more entreprenuers out there to walk the line of each one teach one. Protect your ideas legitimately, be readily helped when asking, and to stop the games and get all our acts together. We can not carry the same tactics our business professionals before us are using if we look to survive. So no we are not here to be you, We are here to make sure your services, talents, or concerns are addressed and easily found online. We look to represent the TRUE Haitian American. We just cannot stand the many organizations asking for US to help them yet are not helping us and if they are out there, they are not readily found online, yet many irre...