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malayalam movie

malayalam movie

J C Daniel - Father of Malayalam Cinema

1y ago


A short film about J C Daniel,The father of Malayalam Cinema. This short film contains a beautiful song. It was written by Mr. Joyal Singh, Father in Law of Great JC. It was sung in the church on the wedding ceremony of JC Daniel and Janet. JC formed the Travancore National Pictures Company. And also he had established studio at Sharadha Vilasam, Pattom. The first production company and the first studio in Kerala. The first Malayalam film was The Lost Child (Vigathakumaran). It was released on Thursday the October 23rd 1930 at 06:30 PM & 09:30PM at Two Theatres. The Capitol Cinema Hall, Trivandrum and Nagarcoil Pioneer Theatre are those two theatres. Sundaram Daniel son of JC Daniel was acted as ''Vigathakumaran'' in the Movie. Like the name Lost Child the film was a big flop and due to this he had gone back to his profession. Newly released Malayalam Movie Celluloid is a 2013 Malayalam film written and directed by Kamal, starring Prithviraj and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles. The film is a biopic based on the life story of J.C. Daniel, the pioneer of Malayalam cinema. It is a detailed account on Daniel's life, making of his film Vigathakumaran and the tragic story of Vigathakumaran's heroine P. K. Rosie. The film is particularly based on the novel Nashta Naayika by Vinu Abraham (which details the story of Rosie) and the biography of J. C. Daniel by Chelangatt Gopalakrishnan. Direction : Kamal Story And Script : Kamal Music : M Jayachandran Lyrics : Rafeeq Ahmed , Engadyoor Chandrashekaran