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iWitness lets you explore social media by time and place

4y ago


There hasn't been an easy way to explore social media content by a particular time and place. So Adaptive Path created iWitness. Everywhere you look these days, smartphones are being pulled out of pockets, held up, and pointed at some aspect of daily life, capturing moments both mundane (blueberry waffles for breakfast) and extraordinary (political revolt!). Content is being created and shared faster than we can make sense of it, by hundreds of millions of people, all over the world, all the time. Using technology to capture and share our experiences has become second nature to us. iWitness leverages the time and location data automatically generated by online services, allowing you to see what’s going on right now, or say, last Friday at 9pm. In your neighborhood or another hemisphere. We designed and built iWitness with funding from the Knight News Challenge, an open competition for media innovation projects.