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asus eee

asus eee

Iuppla, multiplatform app for kids also on TV [demo]

4y ago


Iuppla is a multiplatform app for kids, with games suitable for different ages. It's going to be released on iOS App Store, Android Play, BlackBerry App World, LG Apps, Mac App Store and Facebook. In the video you can see the home menu of the app, when the user can select the game/activity (one for each animal) he wants. All the devices (from the right: Google Nexus S, iPad 2, LG LM660S, Asus EEE Transformer, Mac Book Pro) are client-side connected (no server dependancies) and paired with Cocoop2p (in the future we are going to use Orbit). The app is the subject of our talk at the 2012 WhyMCA and it introduces us into the TV ecosystem. Here the slides of the talk Various info: our technologic choice and about us the developer: starling: whymca: cocoonp2p: orbit: how to: