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iTalk Recorder Premium iPhone Audio Recording App Review

4y ago


iTalk Recorder Premium, by Griffin Technology, is an easy to use audio recording app with some cool features. With its "Quick Record Mode," iTalk gets straight to business. Launching the app gives you immediate access to a big red "Press to Record" button that does just what it says. While you're recording, you can see a visual representation of the input level -- but don't rely on it. The sound starts to distort well before the meter hits red. Recording time is limited only by the free space on your device, and the recording quality is quite good. With three sampling rates, iTalk Recorder can be tuned for space saving or high quality. At its "Best" setting, 1 GB of memory will store a little over three hours of mono audio recordings. One feature that makes iTalk great for recording long session is the ability to pause your recordings. Tap the green button, then tap again to resume. When you are done, you can name your file, then move it to a convenient spot on the list of stored audio. You can also view properties, add notes, and of course, play back any recordings in the app. iTalk Recorder Premium is one of the best audio recorders for the iPhone, and one of the easiest. It's even easy to use or share your recordings with others. Just download the free iTalk sync software for your Mac or PC, and drag and drop the audio files wherever you'd like. iTalk costs $4.99, and is well worth it of you need a simple way to record decent-quality audio and want a straightforward way to get to your files.