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Island Haze - Summer 2013

4y ago


Island Haze is an exciting surf and lifestyle label that was established by the Outdoor Fashion Group in 1999. With Island Haze maintaining a focus on surfwear for men, the group quickly realised the need for a quality brand to meet the demand of women in the surf and active lifestyle markets. In 2003 the group partnered with 7 time world surfing champion Layne Beachley to create Blue Kiss. In the following years the company has gone from strength to strength, sponsoring multiple surfing events and with fashion and retail outlets around the world. 2012 brings an exciting new chapter in the life of Island Haze and Blue Kiss as they partner with the Myer retail chain to make their range available to a wider audience in Australia. The Outdoor Fashion Group is a complete end-to-end business with teams actively involved in every step of the design, production, distribution and retail process. This close involvement means that the Outdoor Fashion Group is able to ensure quality at every stage and this has been reflected in the growing market awareness of the Island Haze and Blue Kiss brands. It’s our aim to bring increasing value to everyone who interacts with our brand, and we’re excited about the opportunities that we will encounter as our involvement with the surfing and active lifestyle communities continues to grow.