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Staff Picks

An Islamic Response To The Imminent Zionist Attack On Iran By Sheikh Imran Hosein

4y ago


Will Israel Attack Iran They are a people whose wickedness and godlessness are without parallel in history. Yet they succeed in constantly replicating themselves amongst the peoples of the world, who then become the people of Gog and Magog. They started with the medieval crusades, which were so-called holy wars that Europe fought against Islam. And now, in the last stage of their unholy mission, they threaten to wage war on Iran in order to steal, in broad daylight, Iran's oil and gas. Their mastermind, who is both an imposter and an evil genious, creates diversions to mask their wicked deeds, and to divert attention from his ominously unfolding master-plan to eventually rule the world from Jerusalem, and to then declare himself to be the true Messiah. He seeks to mask this evil attack on Iran by resorting to the greatest diversions of all, namely the nuclear 'scarecrow', the utterly despicable cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him), nauseating photographs depicting sexual abuse of Iraqi Muslims detained by the US occupation forces in Iraq, and the destruction of the golden-domed Masjid al-Askariyah and sacred Shia shrine in Iraq. But they cannot defeat the Prophet's religion since Allah Most High will answer the prayer of Jesus, the true Messiah (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him as well), when he returns, and destroy them. They cannot silence even Nelson Mandela and Harry Belafonte who continue to courageously denounce them for their terrorism, arrogance and evil deeds. But for now we continue to watch in amazement as they deliberately and diabolically antagonize Muslims around the world with these cartoons and photographs, and in the process, cleverly create opportunities for their many clients, so-called Muslim leaders who serve them as house-slaves, to seek to rebuild their tattered credentials as champions of Islam. These clients will now loudly protest, even though they never shed a teardrop for Haiti, and never lifted even a little finger when Iraq and Afghanistan were attacked and occupied. But they will now beat the drums of war in a fearsome display of hypocrisy. And as the secularized world recoils from the crescendo of Muslim protest, and yet another massive terrorist attack on some holy western target conveniently occurs, Israel would seek to convert public opinion to her cause of waging war on Iran in order to save the world from Islam. Smart, isn't it? Yet quite unworthy of the so-called "chosen people" of Almighty God! They plan their plans, and He plans His plans, and He is the best of planners! WAR ON IRAN NOW APPEARS CERTAIN I wish and I pray, Insha Allah, that war on Iran does not take place. But it now appears certain that the Anglo-American-Israeli triple alliance will launch an unjust war on Iran as soon as they are convinced that they cannot strike a deal with that Shia Muslim country, and as soon as the managed formalities are over. While we refrain in this essay from speculating on the substance of such a deal, we recognize that only a deal with a quid pro quo can avert war. We analyze possible consequences of war on Iran and suggest that this time it may not be yet another Anglo-American war waged on Euro-Israel's behalf. Rather, Euro-Israel will step out from behind the curtains that have hitherto cleverly concealed her, and assume her pre-planned leadership role in waging her own war in her own interest. USA and Britain would then play uncomfortably new supporting roles in this final stage of their unholy triple alliance. Such an Israeli-led war could possibly witness the introduction of new weapons of warfare never used or even seen before. Despite western calculations that paint a rosy picture of such a war delivering to the West, and hence to Israel, control over Iran's oil and gas, in addition to the rest of the Gulf oil already under their direct and indirect control, the several uncertainties that attend such...