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iRULU AX105 10.1" Android 4.2.2 Tablet Review

2y ago


GREAT NEWS!! The price for this great tab is now only $99.00(as of 4-12-13) delivered from Campus111 :-) Here's the link for it: Hi all! I have here a really nice surprise, an inexpensive 10.1" Android 4.2.2 Tablet at a very reasonable $118.00, delivered by a US based company, not China based. That price includes a very decent 10" keyboard carry case, nice. So, for that meager amount, what exactly do you get? Glad you asked :) This actually packs a very nice Allwinner A20 chipset in it. It's a dual core A7 based chip, with a very nice dual core Mali 400 GPU to help offset the low power A7 chips performance. It allowed for a very smooth, quick experience all around, for normal tasks to all out gaming. Yes I said GAMING ;) This one actually has the juice to take on some pretty powerful games, like Asphalt 7 and Adrenaline 6 and play them back smoothly and with no lag noticeable by me at all. The 1024x600 resolution screen is not an IPS unit, but a really ok capacitive one. It has a "sweet spot" (head on) that it prefers, but it at least has one. I've seen far worse at this price point for sure. Also included is one full gb of DDR3 Ram and 8GB of ram built in with a microSD card slot that can handle an additional 32gb of ram. The battery life is really good, again surprising at the price point. It packs a good sized 6000mah battery which, when combined with the A7's low energy usage, combine to produce above average life. I get full on gaming times of over 3 1/2 to 4 hours...impressive. You could use this all day long without fear of it going dead on you, not the norm at this price point at all. Color me impressed :) Summing up, this is one exceptional tab for the price paid. It had a decent 10.1" screen, great battery life, and a pleasent, smooth Android experience, all for a really low price. I can't more highly recommend this one, check out the seller here(now updated as of 4-12-13):