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arc reactor

arc reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor DIY Tutorial - part I

4y ago


鋼鐵人超能心臟DIY教學 part 1 :) *** Chinese/English material lists are down below. 所需材料(material): 1. 按壓式手電筒的燈座 2. 按壓式手電筒的按壓透明蓋 3. 大小壓克力環 各1個 4. 鋁條x2 / 固定用的外框 5. 藍色金屬線 6. 漆包線 7. 訂書針 8. 塑膠瓶口(切割處理過) 9. 塑膠螺絲&螺母 10. 展示架(可有可無) 11. 保麗龍膠 工具(tools): 1. 鐵尺(30cm) 2. 鉗子or剪刀 3. 躡子 4. 強力膠(透明) Here are the materials, I'll try to write it down in English, feel free to ask if you don't understand. 1. A Base of a pressable flashlight (please google "touch light") 2. The plastic cover of the pressable fleshlight 3. A big and a small acrylic in circle 4. Two aluminum shell (for outer covering) 5. Blue steel wire 6. Enamel-insulated wire 7. Staples 8. The mouth of a plastic battle 9. A plastic screw and a plastic screw nut (to put on the on/off switch) 10. A place to put your master piece, lol 11. Polyfoam tape (I'm not sure if I translated it right, it's a kinda glue tho...) And tools you might need, 1. A 30cm ruler 2. A plier or a scissor 3. A tweezer 4. A transparent super glue