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IRISH ROVERS on Prince Edward Island.mp4

4y ago


THE IRISH ROVERS guests were the Chieftains from Ireland, George Hamilton 1V from the USA, and from Canada Catherine McKinnon, John Allan Cameron and the Calamity Brothers with Will & George's dad Bob on button key accordian. During their 5 years television series for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Rovers (Will Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, George Millar, Joe Millar, Wilcil McDowell and temporary Rover Bob O'Donovan) taped shows in every province and territory in Canada. In 1977 they taped a Special on Prince Edward Island on the east coast, where Will had a summer home. An outdoor concert had been planned but was cancelled because of a massive storm, so the Rovers & guests crowded into Will's living room and had an impromptu ceilidh which lasted all night. Songs include "My Island," "Mountain Tay,""Mountain Dew," "Irish Moss," "Rolling Home,""All Around the Circle,""Bonavista Harbour," "Amazing Grace." For more similar music and interview items on st40tv, click on: