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Staff Picks


5y ago


Comments by West Midlands Police confirm that Irfan Shah Mashadi was arrested at the Haq Char Yar "false" conference in Dudley on Sunday 3rd July 2011 for incitement to violence and incitement to hatred. This so called "conference" was a complete failure and utter flip flop due to a number of reasons: (1) No reputable and representative Sunni scholar attended the conference nor accompanied Irfan Shah. (2) The turnout of the false conference was poor with mostly kids, teenagers and home-grown illiterate scholars such as Mudasir Irfanny whose microphone was removed from his face. (3) Aqeel Jalali (who likes challenging people and then doing a legger) was no where to be seen even though his name was highlighted on the poster. (4) Irfan Shah delivered a brief speech but without his usual Sultan Rahi immitations. He was humiliated with people shouting "Haq Sab Yar" in his face and calling him "Marwan Shah" and Marwan Marwan Marwano. (5) Nobody was listening to Irfan Shah's speech in the beginning not even his fans and students! (6) Finally and more importantly (after the fact that he was arrested), As he walked in Irfan Shah looked shocked, scared and nervous and put up a fake smile to disguise his grief. His hate campaign will not be tolerated anymore by peaceful and law abiding Muslims.