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mark watson

mark watson

Ipad 2 Facetime Demo

2y ago


My Website: My Live Stream: Twitter: Daily Booth: Tumblr: Email: In this video. is going to be a facetime demo with lineghie13z on our Ipad 2 's. Lineghie's Youtube: Lineghie's Twitter: I hope you enjoy this video and, please ask any questions, comment, rate and subscribe. Please request videos because I am running out of video ideas! You can send them via Email, Youtube or Twitter. To send it via email, send it to If you do send it by email please leave your youtube username with it because if you do leave a request I will subscribe to you. If you send it via twitter please also leave your youtube username with it! If you send via youtube you can send it by a personal message, channel comment or a comment on any one of the videos I have made. There is no need to leave your youtube username with it if you send it by youtube! So I hope you have a nice day and I will see you in the next video, bye everyone! Places To Visit: Technobuffalo Homepage: Lockergnome Homepage: Mark Watson Youtube: Mark Watson Twitter: Jon Rettinger Youtube: Jon Rettinger Twitter: Chris Pirillo Youtube: Chris Pirillo Twitter: Kate Taylor Youtube: Kate Taylor Twitter: My great friend lineghie youtube: Lineghie Twitter: