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Iowa Straw Poll Ron Paul wins Rothschild not has money to buy this defeat

2y ago


@Hillary Clinton - you're the wife of Osama? because: everywhere: get your damn weapons: all Christians were exterminated: systematically: as in Kosovo: Iraq, etc.. and control of the region? always passes: at Islamic extremists.. So: what you are interested? 1. to robbing the nations? 2. Demonstrate that it is inevitable the: 3°: WW:nuclear: against Islam? But: if Russia has said that: there are: 15,000 terrorists: infiltrated: in Syria: could not be: just them to doing the massacres: and you: with your television Jewish: declared: it is the fault of regime? because: your lies to us? we have not yet well: still! Indeed: a people who: wins a regime? this is something from science fiction movies! you know what I think of you? that the real terrorist is you! @ Salafi king: Saudi Arabia: guilty of all Islamic crimes. if, thou doest not: The Ecumenical Council of Muslim? if: you do not: a study: historical critic: of all lies: that: they are contained in the Koran? then it is inevitable: that: 1). many innocents have to die: for to do: the happiness of jew banker: IMF: 2). should achieve: tragedies: continuous and extreme .. because not everyone has the intention: to become: the assholes: like you: that is, for the death: of the human dignity: and scientific progress. You and your: criminal religious police? you are threat to the survival of mankind: I can not do render the universal brotherhood: for your criminal guilty! ravencultHellas: + IhateNEWLAYOUT: -  when you drank human blood the last time? TheDemonDack: (322 freemansory: IMF FED ECB NWO 666: Talmud Kabbalah: IhateNEWLAYOUT SynneK1) said: 5 hours ago: Oh, you think: my channel: youtube is beautiful: way?? - Answer- WHY, ALL details of your channel show:are:1. all the lies of Satan (demons, etc. .. no one: has the nature: to access: to the nature of God) 2. as: Satanism: through: IMF is in control: of: youtube: institutions: religions: because: Jewish banks: the rabbis Pharisees who took control of the world: of the French Revolution: for do wars. How is inherently criminal: the nature of Satanism: because: attend one of the 200,000 human sacrifices to Satan (made ​​by the CIA: it never finds: one guilty) and to be inhibited in their mental faculties? is the same thing! is the IMF, that is the source of all wickedness and injustice in the world Masonry [the recession can be stopped: only by:3°WWNuclear] in Italy: the consumption: fell: at the values​​: of: 30 years ago, however: in 1981: the Bot: were at: 19%: so: Italy lost: all the wealth: of the past 50 years: in fact! When: the politicians: stop making the actors and pretend: with the people: about banking seigniorage? When will been executed: by revolutionary court, because: 1. you can not pay: at the banker jew: our own money: for the value of: 270% (source: scientist Gaicinto Auriti) only: because: Freemasonry has betrayed the Constitution: and he took: the control room of power: for to make agenda: Illuminati IMF NWO!