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Interview With Vivek Bhardwaj, Head Of Software Portfolio At RIM

4y ago


Listen as Joe Jerde and JT Teran from interview RIM's Head of Software Portfolio, Vivek Bhardwaj. Vivek is asked a series of questions primarily about BlackBerry 10 and what the future holds for RIM in the coming months leading up to the new platform's launch. There are a total of 9 questions in all, not including a few inspired questions from members. Here is a link to video of Vivek giving the demo of BlackBerry 10 keyboard... Here is the list of questions asked and a link to each one in the video for quick access: 1. Being the Head of Software Portfolio for RIM, you are at the front lines on how BlackBerry 10 is coming along. How much farther has BlackBerry 10 progressed from when we saw you at BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando, till now? 2. There is a lot of talk about the ecosystem being integrated as oppossed to BlackBerry 10 just being a phone. How would you describe the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem? 3. We currently are sitting at a public OS 2.0 for the PlayBook, will the OS progression of the PlayBook leading up to BlackBerry 10 be incremental, or will we see one major update around the same time the first BlackBerry 10 phones launch in January of 2013? 4. The ability to sideload apps has been a great way to utilize the openness of the PlayBook OS for developers. Will the ability to sideload apps continue on with BlackBerry 10 OS? 5. We all know the virtual keyboard is awesome. Aside from that, what do you think consumers will be most excited about for the BlackBerry 10 experience? 6. At some point, BlackBerry 7 will eventually have to go the way of the dinosaurs, so to speak. How is RIM planning to keep BlackBerry users in the emerging markets satisfied with their BlackBerry 7 devices? In other words, what kinds of updates can we expect for BlackBerry 7 that can continue to add value to these devices? 7. Is RIM planning to bring that UI customization we have grown to know througout the history of BlackBerry OS into the BlackBerry 10 platform? - More specifically, cosmetic type customizations, such as themes, fonts, ect? 8. What can users expect to see as far as native apps on the PlayBook platform before BlackBerry 10 OS launches? For example, BBM, BlackBery Protect, BBM Music, Twitter for BlackBerry client, and so forth. --- Member Questions --- - Why have we yet to see a native BBM app on the PlayBook? Does it have to do with integtration of multiple PINS toward one user account? What is the main reason behind this? - What metric is RIM using to ensure that BlackBerry 10 is going to be a success? - In BlackBerry 10, what three things stand out the most against the competition? 9. Any final thoughts that you would like to leave to those mobile users out there who are sort of on the fence right now about RIM and BlackBerry 10?