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manipal university

Interview with French Filmmaker Gérard Courant

4y ago


For the first time, we have an interview in fluent French with the avant garde French filmmaker, Gerard Courant who has shot and compiled 2544 Cinematons or live portraits of people from different walks of life over the last 34 years. We caught up with him at the Gulf Film Festival and he was kind enough to share his experiences with us. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: JOSEPH JOHN, SABIR HAQUE MANAGING EDITOR: MEGNA KALVANI TECHNICAL SUPPORT: SAMBHRAM PATTANAYAK Format: HDV Duration: 9:45 mins Reporter: ELEANOR ALMEIDA Camera: PRESLEY VIEGAS Editor: ELEANOR ALMEIDA & NEHA KALVANI DEPT. OF MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS copyright © MANIPAL UNIVERSITY DUBAI 2012