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the united states

the united states

An International Love Lesson on Kissing

4y ago


July 5 is International Kissing Day! This Love Lesson from the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and the United Kingdom proves that no matter where you're from, kissing is a universal thing! Produced by Juliette Tang | Directed by Juliette Tang and Nelsen Brazill | Filmed and edited by Nelsen Brazill | Production assistance by Nik Zvolensky | Music by Erin Brazill & the Brazillionaires, "Melt in My Pocket" | Elsa (USA) | Pauly (Australia) | Nicole (Germany) | Julien (France) | Alessandra (Italy) | Michael (Sweden) | Therkel (Denmark) | Aleks (Canada) | Jane (UK) | Presented by Zoosk |