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Industrialcraft Mod Spotlight - (Technic Pack Part 2)

4y ago


Lewis backdates his Minecraft to 1.7.3 and looks at a combination of awesome industry-style mods compiled by an awesome fellow named Kakermix as the "Technic pack". I have shied away from this for a while because it's so complicated, but once I got stuck in, I realised it was totally and utterly awesome. The Technic combination mod pack is out-of-date and completely unofficial, so use it at your own risk! You should be able to find a way to downgrade your version of minecraft back to 1.7.3 with this mod: The Technic pack is available to download here: Credited List Of Mods and Forum Links ------------- Modloader Modloader MP Unofficial Minecraft Forge 1.0.6 Industrial Craft 2 Buildcraft 2.1.1 Complete Package RedPower 1.7.1 Complete Package Equivalent Exchange v3.53 Unofficial SDK's Mods Better Than Wolves v2.94 Mo' Creatures 2.12.2 Millenaire 1.3.2 Somnia Biome Water Treecapitator MAtmos 1.7.2 r4 Rei's Minimap 1.8 Risugami's Recipe Book 1.7.3 Convenient Inventory Texture pack is SMP's marvellous pack with some custom textures added for compatibility with these mods: