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Indictment In Mosque 2011 Bomb Threat

4y ago


U.S. Attorney Jerry Martin had a message Thursday for anyone planning to threaten a religious institution."If you engage in this type of illegal conduct we will come after you," said Martin.The U.S. Attorney made that statement as his office announced a two count indictment against Javier Correa, 24, of Corpus Christi, Texas.Correa is accused of making a bomb threat by cellphone against the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro."In that message he said quote on September 11th 2011 there's gonna be a bomb in the building," said Martin.Federal authorities didn't say much about Correa but Fox 17 News learned he does have a criminal history in Texas including a theft conviction.Authorities are working on a deal for him to turn himself in on the mosque bomb plot Dr. Saleh Sbenaty says caused a lot of problems last year..     "Many of the elderly who come to the night prayer they said they not coming to Friday's prayer," said Sbenaty.The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro board member thanked authorities for their work on the case and he said the arrest does come with new concerns considering members have no idea who Correa is."It's an element of relief but at the same time it shows you whatever we are doing in Murfreesboro is at the National level so that is scary in a way," said Sbenaty.The threat came last year as the mosque was attracting national attention.Opponents filed a lawsuit to stop construction.Some opponents even showed up for Thursday's press conference.Millie Evans believes authorities should be focusing more on the radical Islamic dangers she believes are occurring inside the mosque."It makes me real worried about our country," said Evans.The indictment is separate from another crime investigators are still working on involving the mosque property.So far they haven't been able to determine who set fire to construction equipment on the property.There's a 0,000 reward in that case.