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4y ago


IMPORTANT SHARE & SHARE. LINKS AND INFORMATION BELOW: VOTE for a peaceful surrender against the Dark Cabal, Elite. POLL VOTE : FACEBOOK, YT - CHEMLIN PRODUCTION ; FACEBOOK, YT & WEBSITE - FEED THE FIRE FILMS : "To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead." ~Thomas Paine We NEED to get rid of these power-hungry few, and replace them with candidates that are truthful and REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. People who want to make a change for our global community. TOGETHER. With NO ego-based, greed system, but a system that works for ALL OF MANKIND !! And, YOU count, you are powerful, the amount of energy you hold is vital for making change. Begin in your local community, talk to the cashier, the florist, neighbor, friends, family, at the bus-stop, waiting lines.. anywhere, interact with each-other.. spread the awareness.. but in a peaceful way.. make people conscious about whats going on, and what you can do. Form an idea together. Take action. Time to sit around on your ass is over. GET involved. Spread this video to everyone you know. Blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, anywhere... time to stop the fear, doubt,victimization, and compartmentalization.. the separation, the ego.. get together. If you are a lawyer, scientist, engineer, CEO, politician, doctor, any form of a public figure, or just the common guy that knows TRUTH, and have kept your mouth shut for a long time, speak out, stand in truth, be balanced, responsible, mature, and step forward. NOW is the time. Back each other up. Do NOT let insecurity, doubt, fear, or whatever it is keep you down. Be courageous, take a stand, be a leader for the better of all mankind. By understanding, loving, and knowing what's right for humans and all life on earth. People will support YOU, they will come when you least expect it. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE !! KNOW THIS !! Much LOVE to you all !! Промовирање на козметика во Бразил