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Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

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Imagining a dream: 7 Days for a Better World - Cirque du Soleil

4y ago


Learn more: Cirque du Soleil has had the privilege of dreaming since its beginnings in 1984. Over the years it has acquired the means to make these dreams a reality, and in a bid to inspire people all over the world, the company and its employees have chosen to join forces with communities and a growing number of individuals in order to build a better world. From March 19 to 25, 2012, Cirque du Soleil will be showcasing 7 Days for a Better World: An awareness program with a focus on World Water Day, on March 22. When purchasing a ticket for a show performance scheduled that week, you will be donating $5 to ONE DROP which aims at fighting poverty by giving access to safe water through innovative programs. Learn more about this awareness program: