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microsoft windows

Zorro Macsk + iMac = The Coolest All-in-One Desktop【iMac Touch】

4y ago


Apple doesn't change iPhone 5 much, but Zorro Macsk changes the iMac. This is a touch screen customized design for the iMac. It integrates rich language of gestures. With your fingers, you can easily achieve gorgeous but complex operations in Mac OS, and help your iMac show it best performance. Now, let your fingers dance on the screen and make your iMac alive! It's also a beautiful "mask" to protect the screen, she has a smooth feeling surface and colorful appearance. Don't you want to brighten your iMac up with such amazing thing? It's time to add the mask and start to change! The Touchscreen for imac 21.5", Support Mac OS Lion and Windows , and suport all gestures in Mac OS Lion. Of Course,It support mulit-touch in windows 7and windows 8. We call this touchscreen Zorro Macsk.More information in and Find Zorro Macsk on Facebook: Find Zorro Macsk on Google+: Follow @zorromacsk on Twitter:!/ZorroMacsk