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"I'm Writing My Own Story" (IWMOS) Book Commercial

4y ago


THE BOOK (Airtime Books): "I'm Writing My Own Story - A Kid's Guide To Becoming An Extraordinary Person" Written by Scott Katsura. You were born into this world to live your own life story. No other person on earth is exactly the same as you. You were given your own special body and mind to achieve something great in life. Every important decision that you make along the way is how your own life story will be written. In this book, you will learn how to use the secret fruit of wisdom in every area of your life. This secret fruit of wisdom will give you everything you need for the rest of your life. SYNOPSIS for PARENTS, GUARDIANS AND TEACHERS: I'm Writing My Own Story -- A Kid's Guide to Becoming an Extraordinary Person is about the ageless fruit of wisdom----and planting its seeds into the consciousness of our future generations. It's about wanting the very best for your child. It's about waking them up and showing them how to use their good judgment in every life situation, giving your child the greatest potential of living an extraordinary life. Across the globe, there is a great movement happening in our new generation----kids are tapping into the fruit of their wisdom. Kids are becoming influential members of society and are making a great impact in our world today----and it's not because they go to a top university, but because they know how to use the good fruit within them. I'm Writing My Own Story -- A Kid's Guide to Becoming an Extraordinary Person is about planting all the good seeds that dreams are made of----then watching them come true in your child's life----in every given season. NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE! Including: Apple iBookstore (for iPad), Amazon (for Kindle), Barnes & Noble (for NOOK), Reader Store (for Sony Reader). AMAZON: APPLE iBOOKSTORE (Preview Page Only, Must Enter iTUNES STORE for full access): BARNES & NOBLE: KOBO BOOK STORE: eBOOKPIE BOOK STORE: VISIT THE IWMOS WEBSITE (The Kid's #1 Virtual Campus on the Web!): Just say... "I.W.M.O.S." which stands for "I'm Writing My Own Story!"