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4y ago


(lyrics below) I RE-DO MY I'M A JEW PARODY(LOOK I CAN ACTUALLY SING BETTER) ONE TAKE! NO TATS ON MY CHEST CUZ I'M A JEW, I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH HEBREW, WENT TO TEMPLE YES ITS TRUE, GOT BARMITZVAHED TO BE IN THE CREW, ON PASSOVER WE LIE, BACK AND REST, WE LIGHT CHANNUKAH CANDLES AT NIGHT, ME AND MY RABBI WE SO TIGHT. NO TATS ON MY CHEST CUZ I'M A JEW, STAR OF DAVID SILVER AND BLUE, USE COUPONS BUY ONE GET TWO, EATING KOSHER, KOSHER FOODS, I'MA MENCH I DON'T LIE, Baruch Ata Adonai we don't believe in suicide, but sex before marriage is all right, we play dreidels it's our game, even though dreidels are lame, Jewish mothers guilt and blame, bring home a shixa it's oh vey, at least thats what my dad would say, Steinberg is my lawyers name, if I slip and fall Ill sue, only buy on sale cuz Im a Jew, only buy on sale cuz Im a Jew, me and my peeps are the chosen few, holocaust was real you know its true, we don't die no we pull though, drunk on manischewitz wine, gavilda fish that's how we ride, my buby's latkes are so fly, separate checks every time, why should I have to pay for your share too, all I had was matzah ball soup, str8 up gangsta in Hebrew school, I can't help thats how Jews do, circumcision sounds so mean, but it keeps my schmekel clean, yamaka's get loose Motts apple juice , on xmas its movies and Chinese food, now Im a do me and you do you, you're a goyam Im a Jew, Amy whine house is Jewish too, yes Amy whine house ew ew ew, wandered for a dessert for a real long time, being Jewish is not a crime went to prom with Donna Goldstein, as a rule we don't eat swine grandma taught me to save my dimes, Ill speak Yiddish anytime, gimmie a sandwich corned beef on rye, at the jcc my chai will shine, Jewish American princesses they whine, Israel is better than Palestine, no tats on my chest cuz Im a Jew, dip my matzah in fondue, going for a new job interview, shalom means hello and goodbye too, drunk on manachevitz wine, bagel and lox at breakfast time went to prom with Donna say shalom to all my Jews, l'chiam is what it do, and to shmucks with hootspa too , acting like focacta fools, joshfoxx420 1 year ago Israel is what we claim, schlomo is my Hebrew name, seen the worst and felt the pain, Adolph Hitler was to blame, Solomons temple did not fall, we still have the wailing wall, trying to get that revenue, chase that pape cuz Im a Jew, chasing paper cuz Im a Jew, the Jew fro is the new hairdo Kyle from south park rocks it too, Moses is the name of my shitzu, Luxury sedans we drive when we get to the club we bribe, the bouncer to get us inside, not with a 50 with a 5